Lose Belly Fat Fast by Avoiding these Foods

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In our never ending quest to lose belly fat fast and get healthier, there are some things that most of us know NOT to do. On this list of things, there are various exercises; various sleep patterns and there are various foods that we are to consume.

The problem is that many of us follow certain exercise regimens and certain diets without the proper knowledge on how deadly they can be to us. Contrary to helping us lose weight or get healthier, some things we do and eat can be directly linked to a higher risk of injury and degenerative diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Here are examples of some deadly fat foods you must avoid to get lean and be healthy.

Processed foods

There is a good rule of thumb to live by when trying to decide which foods are healthy and which are not. If they are foods that grow naturally, then they can be thought of as living and most of these foods are good for you; if they are foods that are manmade, then they can be thought of as dead and generally these foods are bad for your health.
Processed foods fall under the category of deadly foods that will increase your fat constitution as opposed to helping you lose belly fat fast. Processed foods will generally make you fat and cause more damage than good to your health.

This is mostly because they do not contain any natural antioxidants, fibers, minerals, vitamins or phytonutrients. They however contain a great deal of sugar, toxic fats and other food additives that put a huge strain on your digestive system. Examples of these processed foods that you should avoid include chips, white bread and breakfast cereal and such.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners go out of their way to sabotage your weight losing efforts in a number of ways. For starters, they are a deceptive kind of food. Most people assume that since what they are eating is ‘sugar free’ it does not contain the kind of sugar filled calories that will make them fat. Although foods with artificial sweeteners do not contain the calories that come with sugar, they do send mixed signals to the brain, thus increasing your appetite by creating the anticipation of sweet food. When this food does not arrive because you are trying to lose weight, your brain will remain in this state and not send signals that you are satisfied. This leaves you with a craving that can last all day, making it harder for you to maintain a healthy diet.

The other way artificial sweeteners sabotage your health efforts is by overworking your liver. With your liver more focused on breaking down these unnatural and toxic artificial sweeteners, it will not have time or even the energy to break down essential nutrients that you desperately need to function at peak performance. This includes the breaking down of fat which makes it incredibly difficult to lose belly fat fast.

Sugary foods

In the list of deadly fat foods you must avoid to get lean and be healthy, sugary foods and drinks should come at the top. Sugar is by far the most addictive and unhealthy substance known to man. Most people do not realize it, but sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Sugar sabotages your health efforts by creating an environment where your body demands for more and more sugar. This in turn raises your insulin levels and as a result, your body continuously stores fat around your belly. Over time, your cells will become accustomed and resistant to this high level of insulin and you may end up with type 2 diabetes.

These are just some of deadly fat foods you must avoid to get lean, lose belly fat fast and be healthy. It is often best to eat living foods and avoid dead foods at all costs. It is also important to drink a great deal of clean water, sleep well, exercise and generally try to manage your stress levels as much as you can.

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