How to lose five pounds in a week

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To lose five pounds in a week you are going to have to burn off an extra 2,500 calories a day, not an easy task, and you aren’t going to do it with diet alone, or at least most people aren’t. So the first part of the plan is to recognize that you are going to have to have a two part plan – one that includes both exercise and diet.

If you want to lose five pounds in a week, it’s definitely possible. It’s considered crash dieting, where you basically drink a lot of water or natural juices and eat next to nothing. Your stomach grumbles, you get headaches and intense cravings for food but you can stick to it you will lose the weight. Have you ever asked yourself what the actual weight is that you lose?

Crash diets designed to lose weight quickly are just for the short-term. We all know this, yet when that class reunion with your ex is coming up in 7 days, a fast solution is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s fine, as long as you don’t depend on the binge- eat as much as you want for a week- and then the purge or ‘detoxing’ of your body- nearly starving for a week. You lose more than fat, you lose more weight in water (2 times as much) and muscle (also 2 times as much) and you put your body in shock. It retaliates, because now it’s in a panic- it might lose 5 pounds in a week, every week.

It begins storing fats and sugars in your system for the possibility it will have to go without again. It double-stores, actually, because it’s already stored enough. Which is when you begin gaining and you can’t lose 5 pounds in a week after awhile. It’s ready for more than one energy-emergency. The extra ‘energy,’ i.e. fat in your body causes you to lose energy over time, fatigue and could do internal damage if the habit continues into the future as a temporary weight-loss solution.

We know we can’t do it for every celebration, or every special event. It’s pride that gets us: the new boyfriend seeing us in our new swimsuit for the first time. Without having a regular exercise regime, however, our body can’t actually burn fat as fast as we’d like and it takes away from our muscle tone that we do have and are proud of. A simple method, if you really want to lose 5 pounds in a week, is to start cutting down on foods that get stored and including some exercise. The exercise alone will make that bikini irresistible, and the balanced diet will add bounce in your step.

It isn’t sacrificing your palate and your love for food, but having the best of both worlds: giving your body a chance to be its healthy self while giving you permanent self-esteem. Cooking doesn’t have to suffer, you don’t have to live on rice cakes alone. Try treating yourself to new goodies, like fruit and vegetables you’ve never tried, or eating more Spanish food. If you substitute almost any Spanish dish with brown rice, it’s perfectly balanced. Experiment.

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    • Ryan
    • June 14, 2016

    I lost 10 lbs.

    Depending on you dedication and exercise these numbers can vary greatly, but anybody would be glad to lose 5 lbs in a week.

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